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Abraham D. Smith, mathematician.

I study geometry in the sense of Cartan; this means that I examine local geometry (especially the geometry of differential equations in jet space) using exterior differential systems, moving frames and representation theory. In particular, I am currently studying second-order partial differential equations in three (or more) variables and their associated conformal Spin geometry. Additionally, I am interested in the related frameworks for studying algebroids, pseudo-groups, and distributions. Control theory, mathematical relativity and Finsler geometry are neat, too.

Why curieux.us?

First, I needed a domain name to provide stable access to my professional work as I change institutions every couple years in the modern academic rat race. My own sense of curiosity is ultimately the only central theme of that professional work.

Second, on the theme of curiosity, it is a stupid bilingual pun. In French, -eux is pronounced roughly as "o", and if you pronounce the .US, then Curieux+US=Curious.